Why to trust in S&C Inversiones ?
Because we are qualified to provide you of different investment and financing alternatives according to your profile or your company profile.
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S&C Inversiones S.A. initiated its activities as a stockbroker in 2003. Its founding partner, controlling shareholder and actual president Anibal Casas Arregui, graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in the national university of Cordoba. He has previous experiences as a company driver and performing professional activities in financial entities in both, national and international charges but always in areas such as wealth planning and investment banking.
Along this 12 years s&c inversiones has actively participated in the promotion and development of our national capital market, gaining a better insertion in the SMEs sector of Córdoba, with particular emphasis in the capital city.
Our company has dedicated special effort in providing financing alternatives in this important sector of the local economy through the placement of various capital market instruments such as deferred paychecks or corporate bonds of several companies.
In this context, we have being working in an interactive way with the reciprocal guarantee Societies System , being widely the entity with more volume of operation of deferred paychecks negotiated in the local area. This implies involving a large number of partners and approaching to the local market different mutual assurance societies and institutional investors to give liquidity to this instruments.
We keep a direct relationship with different mutual investment funds SMEs to provide the best possible conditions for SMEs participating in the system. Despite the challenging environment of recent years, S & C investments S.A. has consolidated as one of the main agents of the capital market from the inside of the county.
Our customer base is conformed of diverse clients, form individual Investors to institutional ones such as SMEs, Unions, foundations and big enterprises, providing in each case the appropriate value for the particular requirements.

Currently, as part of our strategy of growth and consolidation, we count with the following Licenses, Registrations and / or Memberships:

1) Clearing and Settlement Agent and Own Agent of Negotiation enrolled in the National Securities Commission (CNV), N° 105.

2) Non - integral Distribution and placement agent of common investment founds registered in the National Securities Commission (CNV), N° 16

3) Argentine Stock Exchanges and Markets S.A. (BYMA), Agent N° 105

4) Argentine Securities Market S.A. (MAVSA), Agent N° 754

5) Direct Clearing Member in ROFEX.

6) Electronic Open Market S.A. (MAE), Agent N° 678.

7) Integral Distribution and placement agent of common investment founds registered in the National Securities Commission (CNV), N° 57
Responsible of public relations Anibal Casas Arregui | +54 351 4272581 / 5690259/60 | acasas@sycinversiones.com
VISION We aspire to be a leading company in the capital markets business; chosen by companies, entrepreneurs and important investors of Córdoba, the Interior and all Argentina.
MISSIONOffer professional advice to our customers, applying different tools, techniques and products to reach efficient solutions satisfying needs and profile of each one. We see the capital markets as an opportunity to protect and increase accumulated savings as well as to find financing that will allow the development of businesses through investment.
Provide our members the opportunity to progress in a professional, human and economical way in an organization that achieved synergy with each one so to deploy the best of them, helping in the process to their personal development.
VALUESEthics: the main value in this business is the interest of the customer which always lies above the own.

Professionalism: good intentions are necessary but not enough; It is essential to assist with knowledge and experience to achieve efficient results.

Proactivity: the world is more dynamic, and financial markets evolve even faster than the average of economic activities; it is essential to anticipate events, be prepared and get the best for the customer.

Integrity: we are financial advisors, but the application of our ideas involves fiscal implications, volatility of cash flow, and exposition to risks, among others. It is important to understand customers to put it all into consideration, working with his advisers in each subject.

We are leaders in all the products related to mutual assurance societies. On the one side, participating partners to discounting backed securities and obtaining financing options with subsidized lines. On the other side providing protective partners who seek finance solutions to its chain value obtaining at the same time tax efficiencies.
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